The counter of the build service has reached 20.000. This counter was added shortly after the service was started in November 2017. Since then, this service has built more than 21.000 installation images and more than 1300 cloud disk images. In the last few month we had averaged 100 requests per week.

Some statistics which settings are popular:

  • Language/keyboard layout selected

    12000 us
    4000 de
    2500 fr
    800 gb
    500 es
    300 ru
    300 cn
    200 pt

  • Desktop environments selected

    12000 NONE (without any desktop)
    5000 GNOME
    1800 XFCE
    800 KDE
    700 CINNAMON
    700 MATE
    500 LXDE

  • In April 2023, support for building your own Ubuntu installation ISO was added. Since then, 200 Ubuntu ISOs has been created.

  • Packages that are often added: tmux screen apt-transport-https build-essential sudo net-tools mc git wget htop vim curl

  • A postinst script was provided more that 1500 times even though it was not added until 2021.

  • Packages from backports were used 4000 times.

I still have some more ideas for the future: Build your own custom Live ISO

Thanks for all your feedback I got to improve this service.

The build service is available on the FAI project website at