After more than a year, a new major FAI release is ready to download.

Following new features are included:

  • add support for release specification in package_config via release=<name>
  • the partitioning tool now supports partition labels with GPT
  • support partition labels and partition uuids in fstab
  • support for Alpine Linux and Arch Linux package managers in install_packages
  • Ubuntu 22.04 and Rocky Linux 9 support added
  • add support for NVme devices in fai-kvm
  • add ssh key for root remote access using classes

We have included a lot of bug fixes for free of course.

Even if FAI 6.0 will only be included into Debian bookworm, you can install it on a bullseye FAI server and create a nfsroot using bookworm without any problems. The combination of a bullseye FAI server with FAI 6.0 and a bullseye nfsroot should also work.

New ISO images are available at

The build service is not yet using FAI 6.0, but support will be added in the future.