The last months were filled with a lot of FAI work. After the release that supports the creation of disk images, I attended the Debian cloud sprint in Seattle. During the sprint, we've looked at some image creation tools and I gave a short demo of the new fai-diskimage command. We've decided to evaluate FAI for creating official Debian cloud images!

We've created the FAI configuration for GCE images during the sprint and Sam has now moved his own setup from vmdebootstrap to FAI report.

A few weeks ago, I gave a FAI training in cologne for a customer. The participants really loved FAI and they will use it for CentOS, OpenSUSE, Debian and Ubuntu because FAI perfectly fits into their needs Giving this training was a pleasure for me because the participants were really good and they've learned everything about FAI.

Later, I wrote some new code for detecting unknown packages names for the command install_packages, which is needed because aptiude does not handle this any more.

I've finally released the new version FAI 5.3.2 and also created new ISO images which are now available at

FAI cloud